How to Choose the Right Napkin

April 6th, 2018 Posted by News, Packaging 0 comments on “How to Choose the Right Napkin”

To make the process of choosing the right napkin for your customer or event easier, we recommend you to follow these considerations:

  • The atmosphere of the event/function – is it informal or formal?
  • The purpose of the napkin – is it functional or an added element to enhance the table setting? If functional, will the napkin need to be strong enough to capture sauces or will merely be to blot lips?
  • Customers’ interaction with the napkin – may not be used, be held at all times, or rested on their laps? Does it need to fold nicely when not in use or, when it has served its purpose, can it easily be discarded?

Answers to these questions will help you to select the best available option and also add value to the event experience.

Tissue napkin, or a napkin for all occasion, – your starting point, is available in a variety of color options in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-ply. It is used at dinner or for beverages at outdoor events, diners, eateries and food trucks, cocktail parties and appetizer display, casual bars and restaurants, and long-term care facilities.

FashnPoint®, a step up from a tissue napkin, provides a slightly more upscale feel and will last an entire meal. It offers the soft, fluffy feel and is available in various colours, patterns, flat or folded options. Use these napkins for any casual to semi-formal environment: at outdoor events, sit-down bars and restaurants, dinner parties or fundraisers, restrooms or guest room conveniences, and business luncheons.

Linen-Like® napkin is your next upscale option and used to make an impression. They are called Linen-Like for its similar look and feel to actual linen. Consider Linen-Like napkins for semi-formal to formal occasions, such as high-end events, fine dining, meals or food requiring a highly absorbent material, country clubs, and resorts.

Bello lino™ is the most luxurious and closest to finest linen choice available on the market. This lint- and fray- free napkin with ultra-soft feel, makes this sought after by those who appreciate quality. Best used in formal settings or for special occasions, these napkins can be found at fine dining establishments, weddings, high-end catered events, room service in upscale hotels, and resort dining.

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