Equipment & Accessories

BCI provides world class closing solutions from Kwik Lok!  Our foodservice accessories from Sterno and NCCO provide superior options for your business needs.




Bag Closing Equipment & Parts

We are the exclusive Western Canada distributor for Kwik Lok bag closing equipment, printers, conveyors, and all spare parts and printing supplies. We provide technical services for installation and training.

  • Semiautomatic bag closing machines (automatic features, printing capabilities, high speed). The most popular are 086B and 1002F
  • Automatic bag closing machines (minimal oversight, high speed, environmentally durable). Explore the newest machine 910A
  • Printers and supplies are available for you to provide traceability, dates and codes
  • Parts are available for next day shipping to maintain your equipment

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Bag Closures and Labels

Kwik Lok is the global leader and brings over 65 years of expertise to deliver advanced engineering and trusted design to your bag closing needs.

  • Bag closure systems for bakeries, produce packing, and much more
  • Loks available in many sizes and assorted colours. See the new sustainable Eco-Lok™
  • Label Loks provide marketing opportunities for your business (branding, in-store coupons, cross-advertising, product information).

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Foodservice Accessories

Representing the iconic Sterno line in Western Canada with the most comprehensive line of portable warming, ambience, butane and catering solutions. Developed by NCCO, the Date Code Genie system is cloud-based, centrally managed and fully customizable to meet your labelling needs.


  • Accent lighting
  • Butane products and portable stoves
  • Candle holders
  • Chafing dishes and fuels
  • Disposable catering kits
  • Flameless heat food warming system
  • Flameless rechargeable candles
  • Insulated Food Carriers
  • Liquid wax
  • Wax candles


  • Automated food labeling system


  • Zeroware 2.0

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