Vented Foil Lid

Innovative Foil Lids

April 20th, 2021 Posted by News, Packaging 0 comments on “Innovative Foil Lids”

Our supplier has been manufacturing innovative sustainable packaging for over 75 years, offering a broad range of aluminum containers in various shapes and sizes. Their latest innovative products are Vented Foil Lids and Safety Edge Foil Lids. Both items are great for large takeout orders.

Tired of soggy food? The Vented Foil Lid is the solution you’ve been looking for.

  • Small venting holes to allow steam to vent from the container
  • Available in ½ pan and full-pan sizes
  • Branding opportunities with custom embossing

Want to offer your customers the safest option? Try the Safety Edge Foil Lid.

  • Safer rolled edges on all 4 corners
  • No sharp points in corners
  • Flush flat fold-down corner for easy handling and effective closure
  • Available in 3 sizes (⅓, ½ and full-pan)

Our team will be happy to provide you more information on innovative foil lids and other sustainable products. Give us a call at 604-681-3554 or

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