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The Next Generation Sustainable Straw – Back To Earth 2.0

October 1st, 2021 Posted by News, Packaging 0 comments on “The Next Generation Sustainable Straw – Back To Earth 2.0”

Are you looking for a sustainable and high-quality straw option? See the newest, revolutionary, Canadian-made  Back To Earth 2.0 straw (BTE 2.0), the next generation non-plastic product with the superior performance.

While the Back To Earth 2.0 straw looks, feels, and acts just like a plastic straw, it’s created with ingredients that are biodegradable in compost, soil, water, and marine environments and will be naturally consumed by microorganisms. BTE 2.0 materials — Cellulose (wood) and Acetate (from acetic acid, vinegar) — do not remain as microplastics in the environment due to their inherent biodegradability.

  • Made in Canada
  • A truly sustainable straw (compostable and biodegradable)
  • Safe foodservice solution
  • BPI-certified compostable materials
  • A product that maintains integrity by behaving like plastic
  • 66% less carbon emissions than paper straw
  • 80% fewer toxic air and water emission than paper straw

Contact our team for more information on Back To Earth straw and other sustainable packaging options at 604-681-3554 or

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