MCT Oil Powder

High Quality Micro-Encapsulated MCT Powders!

February 16th, 2023 Posted by Ingredients, News 0 comments on “High Quality Micro-Encapsulated MCT Powders!”

MCTsolution™ is a signature product range of micro-encapsulated MCT powders. The patented technology protects the active ingredients from oxidation caused by the external environment to ensure product quality and extended shelf life. MCT powders work great for various applications such as ketogenic diet, weight management, sports nutrition, functional food, and nutritional products.

  • High stability
  • Excellent free flowing
  • Healthy fat
  • Vegan and Keto
  • Organic options
  • Clean label

Contact our team for more information on micro-encapsulated powders and other keto and plant-based ingredients at 604-681-3554 or

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